Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Some more kind word of support from around the world

That's right. From as far afield as the US and Japan, everyone wants to lend their support. Good bloody on all of you. Cheers, Lindsay.

WOW! Jay was brilliant and those others were so fuckin typical of corporate music world. thank god jay is on the ball and holds his position so well tell them good work from me cheers dave –lagwago/gimmes

Yes,I heard about it from Bruce and Grham.They translated this for me.That was so funny.I could image how Jason treated and talked with them.Because he is always calmness and cool. Nori.

Hi, I apologise in advance if this is the wrong way to contact the band, or ifyou're already sick of receiving emails like this. Just had to send anemail of support. There's an MP3 recording of that radio interview floatingaround the internet and I just had a listen. On one side there's Jay beingchilled, giving a plug to good Aussie music and even apologising to JackieO. On the other side there's what's-his-name (the Austereo guy, can'tremember his name) being a toolbag with a short fuse. Good on Jay for keeping his calm and being the bigger man. Anyway, justwanted to add my 2 cents. Rock on. Cheers,Robert.---

Well I’ve just been listening to your lead singer trying to defend himself against delusions of grandeur. I have never bought a Frenzal rhomb C.D., But I think I might just purchase one to spite those two clowns.

He was gracious and measured. They were spiteful and full of self importance.
Not only do I think you will have gained many fans. I think it will mark the beginning of the end for Kyle and Jacqui.
I think they will soon find their imagined power-broking days are over.
Clare Ann.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Welcome to the Frenzal Rhomb vs Austereo diary

Hey there everyone. Lindsay Frenzal here. Since the Austereo incident involving Jay from Frenzal Rhomb, we've been barraged with letters of support. Rather than answering them all one by one, coz lets face it, we're far too lazy for that, I thought I'd put them all up here so everyone can read them, and I can offer one big THANKS to everyone for their kind words.

Cheers to you all, continue fighting the good fight,

Lindsay Frenzal.

And here they are: (take a deep breath...)

i have just listened to an audio interview from your band with some 'hotshot' OZ radio station. Not only was i totally amused by the lack of professionalism they showed, but the wit and guile thrown back at them was just spot on. I'm unsure how long ago this event took place, but i wanted to say how much i respect your integrity. I fight for exactly what your about. I run a Uk fanzine, which is web based but im workin on an international fanzine paper based version.
I can't believe how great that interview is and how it made me laugh and punch the air. Like i say fuck the presss. The uk gutter press are the same as this station, you have to have this 'bought' status to be great. It makes me so passionate about just drilling the hell out of them. I hate it the whole industry. It doesnt work to help artists, just alienates them for doing something creative.

I so hope this 'stunt' as its called (its NOT its the first nail in the coffin of tossers like those dickheads on that station, if i lived in OZ that station would be turned off, no one would listen to it, any of my friends known to play it would be disciplined) .....rots away the (..corporate) culture of rock music. Selling an artform and modifying it to make more money.

I am with you 100%. I hope you have had many messages like this, my friends are with you, and hope you go on strength to strength.

Pete Stanley (stumbeleine01)

G'day guys, Been meaning to write this email to you's regarding your dispute with Kyle and Jackie O but never got a chance to go online til now. Anyways, I think you guys should do a song about the 2 numbnuts Kyle & Jackie O.Kyle is a fucking ugly shit trying to be a hero by impressing Jackie O in the hopes to get down her pants while she, Jackie O, is a dumb bimbo blonde who thinks she's a princess and that no one should badmouth or they'll hurt her feelings...oh what a sulk..just a question for her - WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Kyle the fucking wanker as alot of his listeners would know him as, sounds like one too, is a fucking loser with no talents but strives to be in the spotlight so he gave head to management in FOX to get the gig he's got now doing the only thing he can do...or not..which is to host a radio show...basically talk shit on radio.Get real dumbfuck, nigga wannabe with ur nigga-like outfits...A white tryhard nigga is a Wigga.He should move over so that someone with the talents or has music appreciation skills/experience can do what a radio host is meant to...even Ugly Phil made a better host than he does now. That interview just proves he can't even do the job...he makes an attempt to try and be a hero in front of his hopes for a root, but it backfires on him and made him look even more stupid than he already does. And as for the fucking 'PRINCESS' - bimbo blonde, "oh, maybe I should toughen up..but I can't"Man what the fuck is that??? She is a nobody and she should get that straight...Christina Aguilera is a somebody who gets called a slut and other harsher shit from Enimem and others but you don't hear her sulking and demanding apologies or interviews etc.By the way, I'm no pop tart who listens to popstars and all those tv crap. Man I didn't even know who this Millsy cunt is when someone was telling me a funny incident where he got rejected from entry to a club after tellin the bouncer who he was and that he was on Aussie Idol. Anyways, those 2 are the biggest embarrassment to the country, maybe not the biggest...they're nobodies so thy can't be...but they're the biggest joke to international artists hanging off them..Man, they should go and do us all a favor and hang themselves cause we don't need them, nor does their listeners. Their audience would appreciate the show with hosts that are actually more intelligent who knows their shit and ones who would set a good example rather than talk shit no one cares about.Apart from being numbnuts, they've also contributed their fair share of fucking up the Australian music industry. Unfortunately, I have to listen to their shit at work but thats already starting to change.I remember hearing Jack O bringing up something about her soon to be hubby's cock when they had that doc in just before she got married?Anyways its hard to explain but if you guys heard it, u'd agree she is a total bimbo that probably copped one on the chin for it when she got home that day.She mentions something about how she goes down on her hubby's little cock and then immediately apologises in a regretful way...hard to explain but fuck she sounds stupid...wish i taped it and played it back for her over and over and maybe u guys can sample it on the next song u guys do.Thats a sure hit and what are they gonna do? tell every radio station not to play it??? not when its a hit and everybody is requesting it. Anyways, I sure hope you guys can knock them off their jobs as a payback for trying to bring your band to the grave.

Peter Kerr
5/40 Strathalbyn Dr.
Oatlands, 2117
Ph: 9683 5975
0403 823030

17th July, 2004

Station Manager
Level 24, 500 Oxford St.
Bondi Junction, 2022

I am writing this letter to formally complain about an on air incident which occurred on your radio station last week and also voice my opinion regarding the numerous issues that this incident raised.

The particular incident was the “on air” interview with Frenzal Rhomb member Jay Whalley conducted by Kyle and Jackie. I was shocked at the general tone, lack of basic reasoning and conversational skills of both Kyle and Jackie (especially Kyle) during this interview. I was appalled that Kyle stated that during this interview that he would have resorted to violence if he had been present at the concert in Darwin where the incident occurred between Jackie and Frenzal Rhomb. Jay then stated that members of the band had been threatened with violence by some of the Jackie’s entourage. When Jay questioned Jackie about this on air, she stated that she was aware of the threats. At no stage were apologies made or regret expressed for these threats of physical violence.

Is it 2 Day FM policy to resort to violence if someone says something that upsets one of your employees? I will shortly become a teacher in the NSW public school system. In that particular institution we certainly don’t encourage students to resort to violence if someone says something that upsets them. In fact I can’t think of any organization where this type of behavior is acceptable or tolerated. The Commercial Radio Codes of Practice and Guidelines states that program content should not in any way encourage violence or brutality. I believe that this code was breached and the matter should be attended to. Both Kyle and Jackie are in prominent public positions and should think more carefully about how they conduct themselves and represent their employer. I’m not aware of the exact demographical data regarding your listeners but I’m sure that many impressionable young people would listen to, and look up to Kyle and Jackie.

I also found the allegations made by Jay that the band had been bullied and threatened with “being buried” by the Austereo network, rather disturbing. Is this how your network normally conducts itself? I am not entirely naïve, and I realize that the corporate world can certainly be a ruthless place at times, but threats like this made in retaliation over a minor incident are a surprise to me, especially coming from 2DAY FM.

I was amazed at Kyle’s attitude, ignorance and intolerance throughout the interview. One particular line caught my attention. "Ahhh mate, you, you, you are just a like fucking idiot who sits in the background". This well articulated and thoughtful observation epitomizes the ignorance of Kyle who has supposedly been in the industry for fifteen years. Kyle continuously inferred that the band was ‘nothing and nobodies’, and even mispronounced names. I find it hard to believe that an individual who has been in the in the industry for that long and hosts a radio music program could not have heard of a band which was one of the major draw cards for the concert in question, which drew 10, 000 people. I though it would have been Kyle’s job to be knowledgeable and informed about all types of popular music, not just the small amount represented by 2 DAY FM. Surely it would be in the interests of your station if your presenters were well informed and “in touch” with popular trends. Is it possible that the host is that ignorant and ‘out of touch’ to not even be aware of a band with a large cult following in Australia and have released at least 6 albums?

Kyle’s continual belittling of the band was puzzling to me. Was it fueled by his obvious inability to contribute articulate and thoughtful responses to genuine questions and points raised by Jay throughout the debate? I suspect so. Kyle’s childish responses and incoherent arguments still leave me speechless. The average teenage student would conduct themselves in a more appropriate fashion, and be able to construct more effective rebuttals than this self confessed, 15 year radio veteran. If Kyle put aside his obvious sense of self importance for a moment and considered who is really “more of a nobody”? A man who hosts an underperforming Sydney radio show, who started out driving a “Black Thunder”, or a popular band which established themselves in the Australian music scene, who will leave behind a legacy of original Australian music, albums and a legion of dedicated fans.

From a professional perspective the way in which your hosts (Kyle in particular) handled this “on air” interview was incredible. I would suggest that your hosts be given extensive training in basic courtesy, conflict resolution, and general conversational etiquette before being allowed to conduct any interview again. The interview clearly demonstrated that both Kyle and Jackie were out of their depth, and under prepared in this situation. I would recommend restricting both Kyle and Jackie to the usual mindless banter and celebrity gossip that they are accustomed to. If in the event that their position calls for any thoughtful comment or discussion, I would suggest employing someone else to write scripted responses, which more closely represent the ethics and values of the wider community. Action to this effect would ensure that the two don’t cause embarrassment to themselves and to 2DAY FM, by repeating the childish, immature, offensive, and inexcusable behavior which was displayed last week.

Please understand that I am not an irate fan of Frenzal Rhomb purely seeking vengeance and retribution for the slanderous and unnecessary comments made by your station’s representatives. The reason I am lodging this complaint is the appalling way in which your stations representatives conducted themselves. I trust that this complaint shall be attended to appropriately.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Kerr

this is a good one - includes a response from austereo!-------- Original Message --------
frenzal and jackie o incident austereo reply
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 13:35:38 +1000
Sean Graham Gibson

Hi there Guys, After I heard the audio of played on the j's of Jackie o and Kyleattempting to rip into frenzal on commercial radio I thought I shouldsay something to the austereo network about the disgusting behaviour oftheir presenters. I sent this email the day after the story on hack andtoday I got this reply from the general manager of the austereonetwork. Thought it might be of interest to you Sean >>> 27/07/2004 9:51:59 am >>> I refer to your e-mailed complaint concerning the Kyle and Jackie Oshowon Monday 12 July and their conversation with the band Frenzal Rhomb. You raised concerns over the language used, the discussions ofviolenceand the claims that the band's music would be banned from the TodayandTriple M networks. I am disturbed that any broadcast has caused you concern and Iappreciate you bringing this to our attention. I have reviewed thebroadcast as has the Director of Programming and we have discussedthisbroadcast with Kyle and Jackie O. Austereo does not under any circumstances condone violence oraggressivebehaviour. We are very mindful of our responsibilities as acommercialbroadcaster in complying with social standards and the relevantbroadcasting codes. Frenzal Rhomb have in fact never been played on 2Day FM as we are aTop40 radio station. Triple M has supported Frenzal Rhomb in the pastandwill continue to do so as appropriate. Both 2Day FM and Triple M have a long history of supporting theAustralian music industry. 2Day FM does a great deal for theAustralianpop music industry, and equally, Triple M supports Australian rockmusicthrough shows like 'The Local', 'The Launching Pad' and ourrecent 'AllAussie Assault Weekend'. I can advise that your complaint has been treated seriously and againthank you in bringing this matter to our attention. In line with Code of Practice 5.7 if you are not satisfied with thisresponse to your complaint I inform you of your right to refer thecomplaint to the Australian Broadcasting Authority. Yours sincerely Patrick Joyce GENERAL MANAGER INQUIRY: To The Executive Officer, I would like to lodge a complaint about two of the announcers on TodayFM earlier in the week. The two announcers in question are Kyle andJackie O. Earlier in the week they interviewed Frenzal Rhomb on theirshow. During the interview a question was asked to the announcers byFrenzal Rhomb regarding the endorsement of physical threats made tothebands road crew at a concert in the Northern Territory by Jackie O'ssecurity guards. The reply from the announcers was basically that yesthey endorsed the threats and Kyle went so far as to say that he wouldhave made the threats himself and followed through with them if he wasthere in person. Furthermore after the event more threats were madeagainst the band on a professional level through their record companythat if they refused to partake in the interview with Kyle and JackieO,that they would never be played on the Austereo network again. Thiskindof personal and professional thuggery is absolutely disgustingbehaviourfor apparent 'professionals' in the music industry and in my opinionis equivalent to bullying. This concerns me greatly as these people have the power to influenceteenagers who make up a large proportion of their listener base andtheyare basically saying if you have a problem with someone or you don'tlikethe way they act then you should beat them up, and the comments inquestion were made in the early evening when a large proportion of theyounger audience would be listening in. I think there is enough violence in the world today without commercialradio operators advocating its use to solve problems .As a result ofmydisgust at the behaviour of this personal and professional attack bythetwo announcers in question I will be launching a petition for a publicapology from Kyle and Jackie O for abusing their position for personalissues and a further apology for endorsing the use of violence tosolveissues in life. Yours sincerely Sean Gibson Hey man I just heard that austereo interview, what a fuckin hoot. That guymust die, fuckin twat. Well done boys, you fuckin killed killed emCheerstom

Hi Jay & Lindz. You are probably being inundated with support letters etc for your jaquie-o / austereo "Scandal" :) Just wanted to send you guiys some more! FUCKING GREAT JOB!!! They came of like absolute idiots (surprise surprise) and you hit the nail on the head. Great to see/hear you voice the truth to so many people who are still brainwashed and unaware of the reality of the misic industry! LOVE IT!!! take care guys Shakir SexBeat Records & ex drummer The Kryptonics, The Bamboos, Howlin MoonDoggies, Externals, orange county. Now playin' in FINK!

To the people and at Frenzal Rhomb - Band and Management. I am emailing you to express my support of the comments made by Jay regarding the state of Australian Music to Kyle and Jackie-O. Fortunately I don't listen to the Austereo Network, but I do listen to Triple J. (I am looking forward to the breakfast show you guys will be hosting tomorrow!) Although I don't listen to austereo, I did hear extracts of the interview on 'Hack'. I have also downloaded the full (un-adulterated) interview in MP3 format, hence my full support your arguements! As a band, I wish you all good luck in the future in regard to music and sales. I also wish you all the best in regard to your assault on the 'establishment'. Jay's Right: Fu*k Pop Stars! Fu*k Australian Idol! Go! REAL Australian Talent. and Yay Triple J. Your's Sincerely, Robbo.

hey guys!i'm just writing to say good on ya!you had a great argument against jaki-ho and the faggot kyle!it was about time someone said what everyone else is thinking!i cant say that i've listened to your stuff before (coz i havnt really heard of you guys), but will from now on!you guys are legends!!!!rawk on!
love Dragana

Thank you for finally putting Kyle / Jackie O and Austereo in their place!
Not only do they not support Australian Music, their syndicated shows are robbing people of radio jobs in regional stations.

Love & Chaos theory,

Lisa "the Wooly" Lamb

my friend was just telling me that fox fm have something against frenzalrhomb so i looked into it and found a radio recording of jay argueing wihtfox and i thought to my self fox are so fucken shit they dont supportaussies at all. jay you probly wont read this but anyway i hope you do i'llbuy every album you make and support you all the way coz fox fm are so fkntight. your the best band! from sam.

Hi, Just want to support the band in their recent run in with 2 fuck-wit radiopersonalities... thank you for standing your ground against those backwardthinking fucks, who at the first sign of confrontation regress to aprimitive thought pattern that seems to deny all reasoning. Thanks for keeping it real. Mike


Just writing to say how much i think frenzal fuckin rock theyre mad and it ruins my day when the dicks at the commercial radios put them down from their studios, who cares if frenzal cut jakie o off they didnt want to listen to her. I've heard all about it and i want revenge, it might sound bad but i can assure you it is far from it.
My plan involves frenzal rhomb stickers and black thunders, no damage nothin seroius, no one will get hurt and i will take full responsibility. i just want to get them back, they dont know wat music is, if the plans goes ahead frenzal will rise over them (as if theyre not anyway). all i need from you is the source of the stickers nothing more, please think about this its a lil bit fun.


write back please.. if u dont agree with my plan, i will do something else if you like ??

Hi Fenzal RhombI heard the Jay Whalley / Austereo interview on RRR last night and Iwanted to drop you a line to say that I fully support what you saidduring the interview. It became pretty obvious that there was only one intelligent personexpressing their views (yes, that's you Jay). Kyle and Jackie's behaviorwas appalling. I was offended by Kyle's threats of violence, commercialblackmail, personal insults to your band members and your music. Actually, it was quite laughable that the only thing he couldarticulate was "it is shit", rather than generating some constructivecriticism or reason for his opinion. It's also ironic that Jackie didn'tseem to accept any responsibility for being late to her commitment,however I'm getting off my point. I just wanted to let you know that I have written to Austereo toexpress my concern over Kyle's comments and how inappropriate histhreats were. Regards, Camille

Copy below of official complaint I made to the Senior Management of 2dayFm I think it's called.I don't want much out of this, just those two morons to be sacked andmade to apologise publicly to the band..... To the Management: I am a 27yr old, well educated individual from Perth. I happened to hearall about this little debacle between Australian Rock band Frenzal Rhomband two of your DJ's Kyal and Jackie. I see it like this, Jackie was late, the events as we know ensued andinstead of dealing with this like ADULTS, your two DJ's thought it bestto air their grievances on the air, and at peak time. Does this grossunprofessional behaviour end there? Unfortunately not, Jackie who isapparently incapable of dealing with life's issues herself got Kyal toring a member of the band, ON AIR, what followed were threats ofviolence made against said band member-Jay, accusations from Kyal thatFrenzal Rhomb's music was and I quote 'shit', and an admission by yourDJ's that they had personally rung the management of Frenzal Rhomb toissue further threats that they would 'bury the band', Kyal also saidAustereo would not play any more Frenzal Rhomb on the radio. Threats of peak time...on a commercial radio station. YourDJ's behaved like a pair of school bullies in a playground. Let meassure you that now this story has broken loose your station has lost somuch credibility it is astounding. These two reckless, immature bulliesyou have on your station need to be sacked over this or are you sodesperate for ratings GLORIOUS ratings you will do nothing? Shame on you and your senior management team that you even allowed thisto happen and further shame on you if you choose to let this lie.Your station has taken a beating over this, do you know how many youngAustralians heard about this on Triple J? Do you know how many youngAustralians have called and written in to not only Triple J but the bandthemselves to express support and condemnation. I personally am lodging an official complaint with the relevantbroadcasting commission and when they hear the interview, THEY will takeaction.

Hi Jay & Lindz.

You are probably being inundated with support letters etc for your jaquie-o / austereo "Scandal" :)

Just wanted to send you guiys some more!

They came of like absolute idiots (surprise surprise) and you hit the nail on the head.
Great to see/hear you voice the truth to so many people who are still brainwashed and unaware of the reality of the misic industry!


take care guys

SexBeat Records &
ex drummer
The Kryptonics, The Bamboos, Howlin MoonDoggies, Externals, orange county.

Now playin' in FINK!


I just listened to the interview Jay did on Fox with Kyle and Jackie (at
I wanna let you know I agreed with EVERYTHING Jay had to say. Nice job!

I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of Frenzal (been to one gig) but they scored a lot of points in my book after that.

I find it ironic that Jackie's whole point was that she was upset that she was tolled to get fucked (or something), and then at the end of the interview Kyle calls Jay a cock. Also, Kyle stated that Frenzal's music was "pretty much shit". WHat did they say about popstars? Hmmm.

Four syllable words such as hypocrisy must be unknown by the sheep at Fox.

Good on you Frenzal,

Hey there. I was sad to hear the Klye fellow on 2day fm wanting to bury the band. He needs to get his head read. I have sent the complaint against Kyle to Austereo, 5 major Sydney newspapers, MMM and 2gay fm. Good on the band, i hope they keep doing what they do best... speak their mid. Go Rhomb!!! Try Rhomb fpr PM, then you can make him illegal. Just a thought. Regards Heamish

OK this made me laugh and I thought you would allenjoy it.signed : an insider to: RE Frenzal RhombNice to finally see you corporate arse lickers get putin your place and by a small time 2 bit bunch of hardworking (BUT HONEST) musicians no less. You are verylucky that these are not the kind of people who couldgive a fuck about your opinions to the point oftaking you to court over some of the slanderous thingsthat you (especially Kyle) sprouted in that thinlyvieled vent for your petty egomaniacal rantings of aninterview with Jay. The biggest joke is that you are both too stupid torealise that the amount of free publicity that you aregiving Frenzal Rhomb is priceless...hahaha... u bothshould have been brain surgeons really!Hey Kyle you arrogent self important fuck..."Pull yerhead in" and you Jackie you oldslapper......oh.....whats the point....*sigh*

Dear Guys,
My flatmate and I were listening to the interview with you and Kyle and JackieO and we'd just like to congratulate you on the way you handled it, making those guys look like the wankers they really are.
As hopeful Australian music producers we learned a shit load about the way corporate music is dominating the industry. We always thought there was a reason why we didnt listen to their shit, so there you go.. whats wrong with the majority?.
Well done on the way you didnt sucumb to Kyle crap.. i'm sure he was baiting you to start losing it, but he didnt really have a comeback to the facts that you pointed out to him. The knowledge you guys had about the australian industry really caught those guys out, and in the end they sounded like the knobs who actually took the time out on live radio to end up looking like tools.
And anyway, what the fuck does JackieO think she is... for one thing, a "popular"celeb like her should be able to handle the tonnes of critisism she gets everyday, or maybe she's just never had it pointed out to her... well done again! bring those corporate sluts back to earth...
I've always liked most of your music...most of it... well we're allowed to have an opinion, but your passion about Australian music, and also the fact that you guys havent "sold out" like im sure you had the opportunity to, very much impresses us. If ever you guys have a gig around here, we'll be there, if anything just to support australian bands. But hey, if you ever around Bondi, look us up and have a beer and a billy. We're having a housewarming here (i just got out of rural aus) early next month... crazy idea, but hey...
Anyway, keep it up dudes
Stef and Lock
PS: your right about You Am I.. one of the greatest, most artistic bands to be cast aside by bigger money.. its criminal, but what do you expect i guess... who the hell watches popstars, or idol or buys Shannon Noel Cds (votes for little Johnny??) unfortunately alot of people i guess.. and it's all about placating the masses...
PPS no doubt you guys get offers all the time, but if you ever want to record outside the typical studio setting, we're geared up for it here...

Hi guys, just wanna say Kyle & Jackie O are tossers and I thought Jay sounded more mature than they did which only proved their lack of intelligence on their own fucked up program.I support Aussie bands also I'm biased as my hubby is a drummer.Keep up the good work guys....CHEERS!!
P.S. You should sue for slander!
Anita Schulz

Hi, I saw the transcript of Jay on 2Day FM with Jackie O and Kyle. Great goingguys. Great to see that you feel the same we I do about the state of play inthe music industry. I thought that I would send you an email to let you know about MUSICMOB We are about making the Music Scene better. Wetry and go along as a MOB of people to gigs. Give bands support. We have 170Members in Melbourne. We want to get more people to join and make thisinitiative take off. If you guys liked this idea would you be able tosupport us? A link off your site? Or better still play a MusicMOB gig. Ioffered Austereo the opportunity to support independent music but theycouldn't be bothered. We would love this concept to be strong in each capital city in Australia.Thanks for taking time to read this. Regards Brad Brad Bloomfield

Hello, I'm the editor of and wanted to commend theFrenzal guys for their chat with 2DayFM. I didn't catch the interview live but have since read a transcript and am veryimpressed at the way Jay handled the interview, and how he managed to get hispoints across about the lack of quality grass-roots aussie music on some Aussieradio networks. As a non-mainstream music, film and arts magazine I understand his frustrationsfrom a media point of view. I would also like to be added to any media lists to receive review albums forFrenzal. is happy to support such a passionate Australianband. Cheers,Kate Kate KachorEditoreleven magazine

just wanted to pass on some support to the guys from us re the darwin debarcle. go hard fellas.

love the guys and girl of RAhtze.

Lindsay, Writing to you from Canada. Just listened to your interview with Kyle and Jackie O via the interweeb... You handled that call with grace and he just acted like a dick... and for what? He should expect criticism as long as he dishes out crap and garbage like Idol and Big Brother. Disco died and this garbage has an expiry date attached to it also. Don't even waste another second on him bro. He's sounds like a daft fool. I know his type thanks to the science of studying shitstains for so many years. I've never heard Frenzal Rhomb before... but I'm just about to search for your CD. Thanks Lindsay ol buddie. PS- do you have representation in Canada or does your US rep handle that? Warmest Regards,Jason

Hey guys

Congrats on someone finally sticking up for aust talented bands.

I was in a melb band no comply, a few years ago ,playing big day out (94)

push overs etc and no support from radio apart from 3RRR & 3PBS

the other stations don't want to know you.

It pisses me of when you cant even play venues because you not a COVER BAND

and you see so many great aussie bands get trashed eg nursery crimes, meanies

you am i and yourselves.there was a time when you could go to the punters club,Evelyn

the G.B and see really good bands but l think those days are dead.

Anyway keep up the good work and the great tunes.

Glen Thackray

Dear Jay and the rest of the Frenzal Rhomb team,
I work at Austereo and I'd just to say bravo for your stoush with Kyle and Jackie O.
I, along with many other employees here, love working in radio and doing what we do but we often feel terrible about the lack of support Austereo give new Aussie bands. Having said that, it is a business, it's free to listen to (unlike JJJ) and it's perfectly fine for JJJ to play new unsigned and upcoming bands because they should, seeing as we're paying for it with our taxes. That's their duty, it's not ours.
I'm writing this because I am a huge supporter of Aussie music (especially you guys - seen you live about five or six times now), however because we don't work in the music or programming departments we just don't have a say, so they will persist on playing Offspring every two hours instead of something new and local.
Good on you for giving it to Kyle and Jackie O. They're a laughing stock. Everyone in the network has been playing that mp3 of the interview and laughing at them.
They in no way represent what every employee thinks and please don't think that every person who works here in the 2Day and Triple M networks is like them. There are some good people who work here who love what you do too!
Kyle and Jackie O need A Punch In The Face!
Keep fighting the good fight.
Henry Krinkle (not my real name)
I value my job so I have sent this anonymously. Please do not reveal my name or email address. Cheers!


Just wanted to support you.

I'm from Melbourne and a RRR subscriber - obviously not a Fox/2Day FM listener.

Good interview. Keep up you position. Screw them.


To the people and at Frenzal Rhomb - Band and Management. I am emailing you to express my support of the comments made by Jayregarding the state of Australian Music to Kyle and Jackie-O. Fortunately I don't listen to the Austereo Network, but I do listen toTriple J. (I am looking forward to the breakfast show you guys will behosting tomorrow!) Although I don't listen to austereo, I did hear extracts of theinterview on 'Hack'.I have also downloaded the full (un-adulterated) interview in MP3format, hence my full support your arguements! I wish you all good luck in the future and with your assault on the'establishment'. Fu ck Pop Stars! Fu ck Australian Idol! Go! REAL Australian Talent. and Yay Triple J. Your's Sincerely,Robbo.

Hey there, I just got forwarded the 2day FM Jackie O spat attack by a friend in theradio industry. Classic I thought. I do believe she takes things way toofar. Perhaps for publicity, perhaps because, as she says she's "too soft".In any case, the MP3 prompted me to give you a buzz. My website,, has been running for about 2 years and isdedicated to unsigned / unpublished music. The guy that started the websitehas been flat chat with other stuff so I've taken over the running of thesite. I started off just doing the web dev stuff. With a passion for musicof all sort, I naturally have a passion for the site. I heard the MP3 listed above ( ) and was inspired byJason's passion for the music, passion for local artists. As Jason pointsout, these artists aren't even considered for "main stream" gigs like Popstars etc. I read a top article not too long ago about Nirvana. How Nirvana's risemarked the end of "manufactured" bands for that era. It showed that the timewas right for a band like Nirvana, that rebelled against society by notconfirming, to take control of the younger generation. A top band at theright time. I believe a repeat of that time is just around the corner. How many American/ Australian Idol's do we have to go through? Already pubs are ripping outthe pokies to make room for the live music stages once again. These died off3/4 years ago and it pleases me to see it coming back. The Gold Coast isleading the way I'm sure. My aim is so promote this rise in the live music scene. To help promote theunderground music scene and bring to the forefront the incredibly talentedlocal artists we have in Australia. Check out for an example. So why am I writing to you? Well I don't really know. Like I say I wasinspired by the passion displayed on behalf of the band so thought I'dwrite to say so, and to find out if there is any way you can help thewebsite? I'd be happy for anything. Idea's of what direction the site shouldtake, how to better help the artists etc. Anything you could offer I'd bemore than pleased for. Coming from very scene I'm trying to promote, I'msure the band would have something to offer. Anywho, this has turned out a bigger email than I thought. Hope to hear from you soon, but don't fret if you are too busy! Not a worry! aveagoodoneLincoln

I want to spread the love i feel for jay at the moment. He was the best person in the world in that interview with Kyle and Jackie. He full showed them up and prooved the extreme fuck heads they are. this was on Kyles profile" What's your best feature?My wallet What was your nickname at school and why? The boss... Obvious i think that proves how sad that fuck really is. but who cares about them. i just wanna say big fucking well done to JAY, i feel an overwhelming love for him more than ever before. whata fucing legend. i've never ehard anything so inspiring. i have showed around 10 people the interview already from and i don't feel my job is yet done. i have to spread the lovlyness of jay... to every one.yeh..... just a big fucking champion effort on his part..cheers. please tell him. catchafrom Josh Pringle

Never really listened to your music or been a fan butjust wanted to congratulate you on your handling ofthe "Jackie O" issue on Fox FM (though I had thesession emailed to me). Well spoken, level headed and very relaxed even whenthe chivalrous neanderthal on the other end swore atyou and intimated that violence was an appropriateresponse. I wasn't there but I don't care what you did, violenceis never appropriate. Kyle should be severelyreprimanded for suggesting that it is on radio andthen standing by that assertion when challenged. He'sspeaking to impressionable kids, I think he needs avalues check. Cheers, Rich

Just wanted to support Frenzal Rhomb for sticking up those 2Day-fm wankers. I heard the whole exchange by fluke -- caught it by chance while channel surfing the car radio between jjj and FBI (normally I would sooner saw my ears off than listen to 2day-fm and any Austereo crap). I dunno who they think they are, threatening to 'bury' bands. Jason was dead-on citing them as only playing corporate music, and I was cheering in the car as those dickhead DJs humiliated themselves live on their own show. -s

Just heard the interview with Jay with Jackie O and Kyle

He should be congratulated for being so level headed when dealing with a pair of soul-less media sl*ts- possibly deserving of a diplomatic posting after his music career is over.

Plenty of respect for dishing up a bit of reality on the Australian music industry, hopefully the interview will open the ears and minds of their audience.

Ben Eames

good on ya fellas! great to see someone sticking up sticking up for original aussie talent, and making a stand against the pap that passes for top 40 music these days.. fuck popstars, fuck australian idle.. sounds like a good merchandising opportunity there guys.. as for kyle.. screw you you corporate puppet lapdog jackie o... toughen up princess.. its a rough world out there ok fellas..keep twisting the knife in the fight for truth and originality in aussie music! lars.p.s see yas in nunbury..oops..bunbury sometime soon

Jackie and Kyle, I heard the mp3 of the interview you guys did with Jay from Frenzal Rhomb... it was great to see both ends of the music spectrum represented in such a great debate.... I thought Jay was extremely eloquent and passionate in his defence of Australian music and I thought you guys held up your end of the debate as corporate rock jocks to perfection... I especially loved the way you threatened to pull Frenzal tracks from your playlist... very reminiscent of Brer Rabbit "Whatever you do don't throw me in the Briar patch". No doubt your sphere of influence over the corporate music world is big enough to support your swagger but your mis-reading of who Frenzal Rhomb are and what they represent in the Australian music scene shows how little you really know about musicians who live and work for the art and not for the $. PS: the Contact us section of your website was broken tonight.... it gave this errorThe requested URL /mailcatx.php was not found on this server.

Hey guys, im basicaly an annonomous person that has never really bought on of your Cds before. But after listening to the 10 mins of dialogue between kyle, Jakie and your main men Jay and lindsy, in the back round. I have been inspired to go and purchase your record.

I know you have probably been swamped with emails and stuff but go and give the boys a hug, that are champions and i am now a Frenzal convert that was the most outstanding and honest showing of feelings Aus-stero has probably ever put on air.

You guys are what the australan public should be listening to, not exploitable young kids horeing them selves off for the promise of instant fame and foutunes. Keep feeling pasionate and run for or something prime minister, il vote 4 ya all ...\m/


Scott Jackson

P.s feel free to email me back for any reason

Wow! Kyle and Jackie O are just too impressive! I just love the way they buried their own show in interview. Could they have sounded any stupider? Kind regards, kyleandjackieoareburied.

I'd just like to thank you for the 'banning' of original new Australian music on your 'network', it's great to see McCarthyism is alive and well in 2004. Thanks also for lack of realisation that the 'Rhomb and many others can tour constantly, making a living without the support of Austereo network, pretty much making your so-called 'ban' baseless and empty. Cheers, Brian

G'Day Lads, Just wanted to drop a quick note to say well done on the Fox FM interview. I think you totally out classed Jackie O and Kyle. They both should be ashamed of the way they conducted themselves in that interview and if management at the network had any idea, they turf them out. Got to admit that I have only listened to a few tracks of yours, but I think that sticking up for home grown original music is very important. Keep slugging and I look forward to the next installment! Ollie

Dear Frenzal Rhomb,

We just finished watching Media Watch and were overjoyed to see there's still bands kicking around out there with a decent attitude. In short we loved your comments about Australian Idol which were spot on.

We're definitely not in the age demographic (we actually watch the ABC so use your imagination) you might want and to be honest hadn't even heard of the band until we saw the show but we're now converts and will definitely buy your next CD in support.

Keep it up,


Trevor and Fran Robb

PS - Well done on the way you handled the two arseholes from the radio station.

Hello Frenzal and Management,
Good work on the Austereo issue. I have just seen media watch on ABC and you helped expose the cheap tacky fraternity that commercialised radio (and TV for that matter) has become (perhaps always was). And congratulations for taking it up to the spondsors of those who support the suppression of originality and talent that can be best described as generic and culturally bankrupt.

I have not listened to Frenzal Romb for a few years so I guess I cannot claim myself to be a fan but good work, keep the spirit and for fuck sake don't sell out.

All the best.
Dave K.

Tell the boys not to appologise for scraging Jacky "fukn slut' O and Kyle 'the toss'! They never play frenzal but they only play talentless repetitive shit anyway! Us fansdont want them to discrace the great music the guys produce! Fuck Them! Go Frenzal Rhomb!

Gday. I just saw the whole Jackie-O incident explained on MediaWatch (ABC) andfelt compelled to get up off the couch to write something important. For starters, congratulations for standing-up to the glitter-consumeristculture flogged by the likes of Jackie. I cannot underestimate theunderlying solidarity you guys have only touched upon amongstAustralia's young. It is essental that you maintain your very vocal concerns over theartistic decay Jackie/Big Bro/Pop-Stars etc. represent for Australianpopular culture. Young Australian's look up to you guys. Older ones do to. In Solidarity, George PapanastasiouLect.Victoria University

Well done for sticking it to Jackie-o and the fuckers at Ausmono. As someone who last listened to Ausmono when they were flogging Metallica in 1994 I can only hope that their open threats only accelerate their irrelevance. The Media Watch coverage of the 'incident' was a howler. Apart from it being fucked, it was a classic that Frenzal's No1 defence was "they threatened to beat up our sound guy". Fuckin classic. How nothing has changed in Aussie punk rock.

Off the back of this sterling performance, this aged fan swears to instantly rush out and buy your last three albums, (although maybe not the one with the camel).

Fuckin well done.

George of the Jungle

Hi Guys
I just saw the Media Watch programme of you guys telling Jackie O and her oiksome sidekick where to go at that concert. I'm an old fart who grew up on the music of Beatles, Stones, Who, Cream, Hendrix, Led Zep etc and I've never heard your stuff but I just had to say RIGHT ON! If real musos didn't tell the industry clones where to go we'd still be listening to crap by guys like Bing Crosby. Pop music is, and always has been, just bland manufactured product like a frozen lean cuisine meal from the supermarket - rock music (or what ever other name you want to give it) HAS to be wild and FREE. More power to you - stay true to YOUR music and fuck the pop industry - it's a cancer.


Hey Guys,

I heard that interview of jay and those faggots Kylie and Jackie O off and that mad me really pissed off ay.
You guys put them in there place fucking stupid manufactured bull shit! Plus you guys don’t need a shitty radio station coz all they play is that manufactured bull shit. Oh well fuck them stupid fucking idol and pop stars shit coz we don’t need it.
Well good work dudes and take care.

David, Perth.

Hey Boys, hows things? Do you remember the band called the Representatives that played 1 and a half shows for you in Mackay about a year ago? Well, we're still kicking on in brissy now, so maybe we'll see you again sometime. Also, I just heard a recording of the interview Jay did with Kyle and Jackio on TripleM, nice work, they're wankers, I'm sure you'd agree. Later. Anthony.

Hi guys. I'm an old geaser who is now a serious fan after seeing your efforts in Darwin with Jackie-Doh and the other UsStereo twits on Media Watch. Be assured I will be buying your CD and plugging it everywhere I go. Nice one. J. P.S.: How old? Saw the Clash play Cloudland in BrisVegas before they knocked it down!

Dear Frenzal Rhomb,

We just finished watching Media Watch and were overjoyed to see there's still bands kicking around out there with a decent attitude. In short we loved your comments about Australian Idol which were spot on.

We're definitely not in the age demographic (we actually watch the ABC so use your imagination) you might want and to be honest hadn't even heard of the band until we saw the show but we're now converts and will definitely buy your next CD in support.

Keep it up,


Trevor and Fran Robb

PS - Well done on the way you handled the two arseholes from the radio station.

Hi Guys

I knew something had happened between that ridiculous excuse for a radio network and you guys, but because I don't listen to them, I didn't know the details. I watched Media Watch tonight and saw the crap those no talent hacks tried to pull.

The big test was that the crowd at the gig backed you up, showing Jackie O up as the hack she is and proving that your comments were spot on.

Frankly, before now I have only admired you from afar. I liked Mum Changed the Locks, Never Had so Much Fun, Punch in the Face, She Only Likes Me Cause I've Got the Drungs, etc but I never bought any of your albums.

When I saw that story tonight I got online and bought your new album straight away and added your back catalogue to my wish list.

I also sent Austereo an email saying how I thought their behaviour was disgusting.

Thanks for standing up against those pricks. Your comments on air were great and I wish that weak prick Kyle really did try to punch on with you guys, because you would surely kick his ass.

See you later and I'm looking forward to the arrival of the new album.


Hi, That interview on fox fm was awesome. Yeah i know it's not a question, but i just had to say it, that was some cool shit. Inspirational really. -Lance

not to kiss your asses to much but....good fuckin on yas for the triple M incident it reminded me some people still have integrity and it was hilarious to listen to that cunt Kyle bury himself live on air as the weight of the whole commercial scenes stupidity dug his grave

hey frenzal i just listened to that radio interview with that wanker andthat chick. that guy is a total fuckwit. i reckon that he thinks peoplelisten to the radio because he's on there, not for the music. just thoughti'd let you know that everyone i know who listened to that (they alldownloaded it because nobody listens to whatever station that was) thoughtthat bloke was a fuck head and that obviously everyone would rather listento your cd's rather then some cunt that thinks he's hard. what a toughcunt! as if he could bury you guys. are all dj's cockheads or is it justthat bloke? anyway you guys are awesome keep up the good work and keepplaying over the dumb cunts that think people come to a show to hear themtalk. Hope the cunt gets herpes.sincerly,pov p.s. fuck jackie-o, whoever the fuck that is

hello my foul smelling friends? I managed to introduce the recording on Today Fm to my entire media class now I get to do a project on you cunts!!! My friends and I have been posting rather crude emails on the Today Fm website in hope to get some reaction... Hey lindsay mate there was an article on you guys in the age some guy wrote in complaining and calling you filth. Looking forward to the Rock against Howard Album and the Frenzal DvD, sounds cool see you cunts around

HEY GUYS! that radio show exert : so awsome guys, youve got a new fan, im goin out tomorra to buy all your cds =D anyways, i voiced my opinion to kyle and 2dayfm. here it is =D To: Kyle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh. My. Fkn. god. This is the fifth time I've listened to the Frenzal convo you's had, and basically, I'm in hysterics on how shut down you got. It’s all like "OH MY GOD I HAVE NO COME BACK, HANG UP THE PHONE" Like seriously, here’s an Aussie band with the reputation of taking the shit outta people, i.e. Russell Crowe’s song, and you think you guys, seriously, have a chance fighting with him, on live radio? Fucking seriously, I’m laughing so hard at you's guys right now. Next it'll all be like, "WHY DONT WE CALL UP THE BEATLES AND GIVE THEM LYRICS ADVICE?" You famous fucks are all the same; you think everything you say is right. But once again, you were wrong. FRENZAL WAS RIGHT. Popstars and Australian idol are SHIT. Real Aussie bands, the once which start in a garage etc, are the ones we should support. if I wanted to hear another teeny bopper have a cry about why he cant get a girlfriend, or how he misses fucking his mother etc, id just buy any CD off the shelf, cause thanks to people like YOU, that’s all there is to choose from these days. So in finale: 1) Bands like Frenzal are the shit. 2) You’s guys are dicks if you think you won that fight 3) I don’t even listen to Frenzal that much, and after hearing that radio exert, It made me realize how shit your radio show actually is, even though Ive only listened to it once before. Now ive got a reason to say “oh fuck no, I don’t listen to those bitches”. 4) jjj = the best radio show. Listening to your show is like inserting a broomstick, un lubricated, in to my ass, while pouring boiling water into my ears and walking on broken glass. So there you have it. My 20 cents. I await your reply, if I do not get a reply email, I’d expect that it would be because i have won to such an extent, that you’ve had a stroke/heart attack. Highest Regards, Dylan Kellner -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To:2dayFM You guys are dicks. fire kyle, jackie-o is hot so give her like a job which involves cleaning or somthing. Play frenzal rhomb, you dicks. your losing so many listeners of your radio statoin by not doing it. Fuckfully yours Dylan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways guys, have fun doing what you do :) oh can i ask a favor? since you guys are so cool and shizz =D, can my streetluge team use a couple of your songs for our videos? if you could do that for us, it'd be wicked man:D weve already contacted steve-o from area 7, and hes cool with us using a couple of songs, so if you's could too, that'd be awsome. (its Anways guys, i love your music, and i hope to see yous again =D (ps i still cant forget the time i seen you's live at 2001 big day out, fuck you's went off) LOVE YA DILL
hey guys, my name is Nathan Martin
long time listener, first time caller.
I was just wondering what your real opinion on Jacky-o is, and the fat fuck Kyle for that matter,
and also, how much, if any, of the radio interview was "censored" (or taken out so they could sound like tough cunts)
forgive me if any of these questions have already been asked but i was curious.


Dear Jason,

I am a fan of your music and can say based on memory i can say i 100% agree with your (frenzals) writings (lyrics/point of view)

look i have just heared the jackie o interview. i am discusted at the world and how power of media and bullshit has over taken.

i do not personaly know what happend exactly but from information it was verbal abuse. im affraid you could say that they did the exact same thing in the interview. And to have linds threatended is absolute bullshite.

im sick of people without ego bieng over run buy these fuckwits.

im so over worked that im going to stop writting.

this is supposed to be a question so: have you dreamed me typing this before? im on elansapine a antisycockick drug. ive got big brother dream problems. in other qoute "fucked up head from to much pot"

from mitosis

hey i hate fox fm and they are so shit. jay i herd about that argument youhad wit them. well i say fuk them there gay pricks. ill buy all ya cds thatcome out. FRENZAL RHOMB is the best band ever. yeeeh. from sam (again)

my name is jock

i started a group at school to protest against the american imperialist invasion of iraq........but now there are more pressing issues at that bitch jackio and the corperate cronies for whome she works for................i would like to start a group at school to support frenzal and what seems to be an on going war atm..................there would b like 5-20 of us.........mayb more, is there any way we can help

comrade (getting very sick and tired of turning on the tv to stay awake and watching people sleep) jock

Jay, I guess I could never be accused of being behind the times - but I only just heard a transcript of your interview with Kyle and Jackie O - gotta say - that's one of the most impressive ownings of all time. They had absolutely no answer, and they were probably expecting you to be all hot and heated and instead you were the cooler head, and when they got to the point where they threatened you they had to hang up because you were continually pointing out how stupid they were. Kudos to owning a bunch of fucks like that - especially that fuck Kyle. Keep your chin up though - I am not sure how you guys are going to cope not being played on today FM. Apparently you guys were played on MMM, they mentioned that about 50 times - funny how when Today FM bought MMM their musical content got a lot more shit than it already was. So thanks for showing up a bunch of fucking musical hacks for the brainless idiots they are - keep up the good work. Cheers, Brad.

Well done Jay. RRR played the piece in its entirity and you were brilliant. I sent this to your mates at Austereo: To the Program Manager @ Fox, Last night RRR FM played the full radio 'interview' conducted with Jay from Frenzal Rhomb and Kyle & Jackie O. As the final straw for these two employees, if you are an effective manager of the content of your radio program you should at least reprimand them and at best remove them. I was not only disgusted with Kyle's refusal to admit to Jay he over-reacted to a situation he should not have created or been involved in, but his taunts of physical violence and inability to manage a mature discussion about Jay's correctly informed comments regarding the Australian music industry and Austereo's place in it (just take a look at your show's current home-page: count the Australian Bands!) just confirmed that he has no place on responsible Australian Radio. What kind of example does that set? How many callers and so called celebrities does he malign every day for cheap laughs on your station? What a hypocrite. This radio program and to some extent your station is quite simply an embarrassment. JJJ's afternoon current affairs program 'Hack' responded by detailing exactly how much Australian content each of the major FM stations have on their current play-lists and it is sad how much you ignore this part of your supposed committment to responsible proramming and content. On Jay's point about Australian Idol and original Australian music, consider this: what if another new radio station launched and began taking share of voice away from you and your listeners at Fox - you would defend it staunchly. Much like on a Festival tour - Frenzal Rhomb territory - they have the right to defend 'their' territory, and your employees if involved should be prepared for the consequences. But on a positive, if nothing else, this entire situation has helped to show people exactly what your station and Kyle & Jackie O are made of... about as much substance as there is original Australian music on your play-lists. Craig Chester

Hi Jay and Lindsay.. Heard you guys with Jackie and Kyle and cant believe how rude they are. Soproud you stood up for yourselves and all the other talented Aussie bandsout there. Its about time someone gave them what they deserve. Looking forward to hearing you guys on the Js come election time. Keep rockin! Jodi

Well I must first admit that I haven't heard much of your music at all - but I'll support you to the hilt in the future for Jays articulate, measured, lucid, and principled comments to the self appointed god and goddess of mediocrity.
You were accurate and appropriate in pointing out that they NEVER play good Australian talent that’s not layered in record company icing.
Well conducted Jay and well done for not succumbing to their intimidation of you in the interview and to your band at the gig.
Fuck em!
Cheers guys.

Hey there, Just recently heard the interview with jay and those two other people from I think the stations called 2day fm or some shit name. Just want to congradulate jay(and lyndsey in the background) on an intelligent interview, and its about time someone stood up and said something. You cleary wrecked them and they looked like the clear, pig headed, naive etc. fools and should be embarrsed of themselves. I have been requesting your songs on various austero stations, and wrote into triple m asking them if they have taken your songs of there playlist (if they where ever there in the first place) and they have told me that they play you all the time and that who ever said you will be ''blacklisted''(being kyle and o) are telling lies. Keep up the good work fellas, dont ever shut up. Ryan.

hey frenzals,
kyle n jackie, wat a bunch of fucking losers! they had no right to bag u guys out, u rock, if i was old enough to get into ur concert i would but im a proud owner of all ur cds includeing the origional and an unreleased track or two ripped from the net ofcourse. its not like they played u anyway wots a good radio station to listen to man theres nothing but shit on these days and these australian idols if they were so good they would make it on thier own fuck them everyone else makes it by themselfs,john.

Dear Miss O I send this e-mail to you show my support for the way you are sticking by what your employers beliving in by banning frenzal Rhomb (just like MMM did with the Vines) from your station. I do belive it is the radio stations job to actually dictate to people what they can and can't hear, sure some people will say it is up to the radio to play what the listeners want but that is of course wrong. But lets face it, who wants ot listen to aussie rock bands anyway. I mean, frenzal who? They have nothing on the much talented and culturally important singers like Justin Timberlake, Robert mills, Shannon noll and britney Spears. I mean what right did they have to interupt you at the Darwin festival, its not like they won any TV contest is it? What was going through their head them insulting you, one of the most important and talented radio presenters and talent judge's in Australia. I just hope these rat bags gets what is coming to them and they never get played on Today FM ever again. I think its about time all those evil messages in their songs have no place in today's society. I think MMM should ban them to, whats another ban to try and get all those Nickleback fans hating. You guys seem to have fun doing so as well, so i applaud you for your stance. keep up the good work miss O Yours in the wonderful sounds of Austalian Idol music Andrew P.S i have also sent this to their record company in the hope that the band does in fact get this and hear my absolute outrage at them. Of course this whole e-mail was just me taking the piss, i am actually a big fan of frenzal and the way Austereo has acted recently has just cemented my choice to boycott 2day fm and MMM, and listen to those who support Australian rock music and Independent bands like JJJ does.
Hi Guys, I caught the interview with Kyle and Jackie. I felt pretty strongly aboutit and sent them a letter. I thought you might like a copy. Peter and Isaw you at Livid and loved the show. Australian Fuckwit rocks!!!! Regards Jayenne

I’ve just heard a replay of the recent interview on Austereo between Jason Whalley, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O (?- who has a last name that is one letter?). I don’t often respond in writing to things I see in the media but this time I was prompted to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking anyway). I’m in my mid thirties and have lived in Brisvegas all my life. I grew up listening to local radio stations such as Stereo Ten (yes I am that old) and FM 104. As an adult I discovered Triple J and have been listening to that station for 14 years.

My music tastes are somewhat varied. I worked as a functions DJ many years ago and my (and my husband’s) music collection is fairly large and spans a wide range of styles including jazz, classical, rock, pop, hip hop and ambient. To my husband’s disgust I quite like mainstream bands such a Savage Garden but we share a passion for local bands such as Spiderbait, Custard and Regurgitator. By way of background I have completed two degrees, one postgraduate qualification and I currently work in the public service. Unlike what I am sure Austereo sees a Triple J listener as, I am middle class, kinda boring and pretty well educated. My husband (Peter) and I have been to Livid a few times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with both the atmosphere and the music.

Having listened to the interview I am amazed at the position taken by both Kyle and Jackie O (again with the one letter last name??). Peter tells me that the real reason for Jackie’s tardiness was a missed flight due to a hangover. Having managed up to 70 staff across four different locations I would not be impressed if I had a staff member who missed a work commitment due to overindulgence the night before. As a DJ (my only personal experience in a quasi-entertainment position) I would never have been late for a booking- on pain of being sacked. Perhaps once you are co-hosting a national radio spot punctuality is no longer a job requirement???

I was also amazed at Ms O’s reaction to the comments made by Lindsay and Jason. I would have thought someone working in the media would be used to encountering opinions different to their own. In actual fact I would have thought that anyone who actually gets out and about socially would have encountered different sorts of people with varying opinions and the ability to express those. After all we do have the right to free speech in Australia!!! Perhaps she is shielded from such distressing things by her security guards who sound like they were bouncing at whatever nightclub she visited the night before. In any event I was always taught that if someone offends you and then has the good manners to apologise you accept the apology and move on. It’s not like she has to work with the members of Frenzal Rhomb on a daily basis for heaven’s sake.!!! Again as her employer I would be questioning whether she has the skills and abilities to actually do her job. If she is going to be late and then dissolve into tears when encountering something for which she is unprepared- perhaps she would be better suited to a position behind the scenes. As for being offended by the swearing- given that Ms O was more than disposed to using the same language herself during the interview, I would doubt that she is so easily offended. On that note, where I work it is inappropriate to use any form of profanity. When I am not in the workplace I tend to be rather colourful in my expressions. At work I ensure I behave professionally. Where are the same standards at Austereo?????? From the little I know this is a radio show played in the early evening, targeted at tweenies and teenagers. When listening to Triple J I have always found that any profanity is preceded by a language warning so people can choose whether they listen to it. The only language warning given during the interview was given by Jason. Do Kyle and Ms O not have guidelines on what is appropriate for their show??????

Perhaps the most telling insight into how sheltered (and hypocritical) Ms O’s life must be was the manipulation of the interview itself- with Kyle “demanding” Jason be contacted when the interview had been pre-recorded. Austereo must have little respect for its listeners to practice such shoddy tricks.

As for Kyle- well where do I begin? I did not even know he existed until I caught “Celebrity Big Brother” in which he was a “contestant”. Although not a fan of reality television, I made the effort to watch this show as I greatly respect Dylan Lewis- another “contestant” and the eventual winner. Kyle’s behaviour during the show led me to actively avoid anything in which he was featured. Please do not ever try to speak for women Mr Sandilands. Your behaviour during that show was offensive to all women, in fact offensive to anyone who has a brain. You were nasty, judgmental, lazy and homophobic. Obviously you are someone well used to getting their own way and having to exert very little effort.

Apart from swanning around the show in a bathrobe- looking like some sad, old, failed entertainer, you were actively hostile to Ms Vanessa and just generally rude to everyone. Ms O’s behaviour was equally abhorrent as I do recall her comments about Ms Vanessa to Kyle during the broadcast of their radio show. Not content to just generally being nasty people, you had to broadcast your ignorant and ill thought out views to your audience. In having such a high profile I would have thought you would have been more responsible role models. Don’t ever say that either of you speak for Australians or promote Australian music. You can’t even deal with diversity in the community, let alone represent the community. As Gabbi Milgate’s character on that show said “You suck Kyle”

I realise that this is a pretty lengthy epistle, which probably means that it won’t get read. If it doesn’t I think that says more about the quality of management at Austereo than anything else. For Ryan Wellington to ring Shock records and threaten to “Bury Frenzal Rhomb” is ridiculous and just down right petty. Obviously Austereo is do used to being at the top of its field that management have forgotten the basics of business- never let your emotions rule your head. The interview is out- not only played on Austereo but now on the Internet and replayed on Triple J. Hopefully the Austereo listeners will realise how little you respect them and vote with their feet, and dollars. Never forget that today’s top rating show is tomorrow’s hasbeen. Just ask Phil O’Neill- whatever it is he is doing these days.

As for Kyle’s attempt at humour during the interview- “friends of rom” etc, well that’s just plain silly. Anyone with a name like Kyle Sandilands shouldn’t be throwing nicknames around should they…………Vile Fancypants?????

I for one will not be listening to any Austereo shows anymore. Why would I put $$$$ into the pockets of idiots like Jackie, Kyle and Ryan. Here’s hoping more people do the same.


Jayenne Conroy

Copy below of official complaint I made to the Senior Management of 2dayFm I think it's called.I don't want much out of this, just those two morons to be sacked andmade to apologise publicly to the band..... To the Management: I am a 27yr old, well educated individual from Perth. I happened to hearall about this little debacle between Australian Rock band Frenzal Rhomband two of your DJ's Kyal and Jackie. I see it like this, Jackie was late, the events as we know ensued andinstead of dealing with this like ADULTS, your two DJ's thought it bestto air their grievances on the air, and at peak time. Does this grossunprofessional behaviour end there? Unfortunately not, Jackie who isapparently incapable of dealing with life's issues herself got Kyal toring a member of the band, ON AIR, what followed were threats ofviolence made against said band member-Jay, accusations from Kyal thatFrenzal Rhomb's music was and I quote 'shit', and an admission by yourDJ's that they had personally rung the management of Frenzal Rhomb toissue further threats that they would 'bury the band', Kyal also saidAustereo would not play any more Frenzal Rhomb on the radio. Threats of peak time...on a commercial radio station. YourDJ's behaved like a pair of school bullies in a playground. Let meassure you that now this story has broken loose your station has lost somuch credibility it is astounding. These two reckless, immature bulliesyou have on your station need to be sacked over this or are you sodesperate for ratings GLORIOUS ratings you will do nothing? Shame on you and your senior management team that you even allowed thisto happen and further shame on you if you choose to let this lie.Your station has taken a beating over this, do you know how many youngAustralians heard about this on Triple J? Do you know how many youngAustralians have called and written in to not only Triple J but the bandthemselves to express support and condemnation. I personally am lodging an official complaint with the relevantbroadcasting commission and when they hear the interview, THEY will takeaction. Lads, just sent this in to the commercial radio station that thatcommercial idiot jackie OHNO works for...whatever it is, they all soundthe same to me.Jay, well done dude, you did us all proud. FUCK commercial radio, FUCKAustralian Idol, FUCK popstars etc etc.Let's get back to MORE Australian Music, MORE live bands and MORErocking tunes. go sick boys...go sick. Well, the 20-35 yr old educated, demographic had always assumed you twowere just commercialised, talentless idiots but you sure proved it welland truly with this Frenzal Rhomb debacle. Perhaps your 10-15yr olddemographic were terribly impressed with your behaviour while you hadJay from the band on the phone (even though I am sure they have moreintegrity) but let me assure you you have done nothing but proveyourselves to be utterly ridiculous to everyone else. Jackie, grow up ifyou can't handle your own life hire a security guard DON'T get yourmoronic co host to fight your battles on air, you two sounded like apair of children bullying someone in a playground. YOU were in the wrongprancing on stage late like some kind of diva, you need to seriously getover yourself. And to the tough man Kyal, when your days of judging bestdressed competitions in the Who magazine are over, and when you can nolonger entertain your 12 yr old audience with your amazingly well timedwit, and they tire of you and to Jackie, when you can no longer flashyour aged, half dressed body around and people realise you are nothingbut a tool for the weeping sore that is commercial radio think that thelads from Frenzal Rhom who actually HAVE talent and CAN play aninstrument will be going strong. You are both unprofessional, unworthyand should be sacked over this. And WHAT is the story with the picturesof yourselves all over this website?? Are you James Bond and MarylinMunroe?? GET OVER YOURSELVES. Thanks & Kind Regards... Sarah Dalby

I just listened to it with my boyfriend after it was posted on an Australian Psychedelic Trance forum (
Farkin hell guys, I've never bought a CD before, couldn't name one of your songs, and havent even been to a big day out before but I think my respect for the Australian Music scene has just grown immeasurably.
I have the misfortune of working at a gym in the CBD (Melbourne), and so I listen to FOXFM all day, 5 days a week; I know exactly what you are talking about when you explained about how FOXFM is a corporate machine coughing out Pop Stars and the like to cover 70's hits and sign to 6 month contracts with Sony (or whoever). They get spat out, joing the shopping centre circuit and then become slightly hated by socierty becasue they didn't make the distance.

Look, I won't go into a big schpiel about it but I'm fucking impressed and I'd high-five every single one of you for standing your ground, to the man who actually spoke to those fucking tools, for remaining calm, polite, decent and articulate. He shat on both of them noticeably- they got mad dude, really mad.

ALSO: my partner has a request. He wants to spread the word in terms of what the free-trade agreement will mean in terms of Australian (cultural) identity, the cultural implications (certainly in terms of music) etc. He feels that the free trade agreement will influx the Australian market, way of life etc with American ideals and he thought that you would be in a position to know what the deal was, and to also spread the word that this is not a good fucking thing........

God knows if you'll ever get this but if someone does read it, PLease pass it on to the crew- I'm sure it'd be ace to know that one more person, who doesn't even know the name of their latest album, has listened, and learned, and really fucking liked what they heard......

Take care, have an ace day.

HEather Stonier-Gibson

Dear Jackie and Kyle, I think you guys and your radio etiquette is absolutely pathetic. I refer to the Frenzal Rhomb incident. The fact that you Jackie would turn up late to a music festival and try to cut into the MUSIC, is just an example of how you guys hold your over-inflated egos well above the actual music itself. The fact that you Kyle haven’t played Frenzal Rhomb before is just an example of your failure to support any music that you don’t HAVE to play, and not an example of Frenzal Rhombs poor marketing/publicity team. Why would you seek out music you don’t HAVE to play? That would cut into the time you have on air to stroke each other’s egos. Pathetic. Just look at your ratings! A Triple J Listener

Jay,Fucking excellent job in the 2dayFuckingM interview. Seriously impressive work in how you handled them despite their pathetic attempts to brow beat you. Total ownage ..but i digress.Keep rocking,Mark

hey fellows
Jay i gotta say im bloody amazed the way ya handled that interview with the kyle and jacke- o-i'm-cumming , specially when the fat fuck Kyle threatened to flog ya (insert laughter here). How uptight is the peroxide queen to start with not being able to handle a polite fuck u!?? I guess thats ripper of what pop-radio can do to ones self esteem.. Good fuckin work is what i say to u cunts and keep tellin it like it is. cheers.Jamie. PS. FUCK howard, wanting to set up a US outpost at Shoals and then gettin us involved in that starwars horseshit.. Bring on the rock against howard!!

Hi, I saw the transcript of Jay on 2Day FM with Jackie O and Kyle. Great goingguys. Great to see that you feel the same we I do about the state of play inthe music industry. I thought that I would send you an email to let you know about MUSICMOB We are about making the Music Scene better. Wetry and go along as a MOB of people to gigs. Give bands support. We have 170Members in Melbourne. We want to get more people to join and make thisinitiative take off. If you guys liked this idea would you be able tosupport us? A link off your site? Or better still play a MusicMOB gig. Ioffered Austereo the opportunity to support independent music but theycouldn't be bothered. We would love this concept to be strong in each capital city in Australia.Thanks for taking time to read this. Regards Brad

dear frenzal rhomb i just wanted to say fuck kyle fuck jackie o and fuck australian idol. after listening to your conversation with kyle and jackie o i felt some what angered at how arrogant and ignorant both of them have become. i thought that your arguement was by far the stronger from the two , and it is something that should be voiced further in the australian music industry. i would also like to hear a follow up comp to rock against howard, called rock against kyle and jackie o, i have already began writing a few songs. go frenzal go

Hey guys first off great band keep up the sweet tunes, anyway you are so right Jay all of this popstars and Australian idol and all that crap is just a quick buck ploy, and is hurting local bands to no end, there is so much good talent out there going to waste because they are above standing in line at a concert hall to sing in front of 3 people and have the piss taken out of them and then get a record deal handed up to them on a plate for covering songs, and once thewy have a contract they have 5 pre written albums they need to sing. You don’t ever see “Australian garage band” or something like that. They don’t do a reality TV show on Battle of the bands or the like. That would be worth watching bands duking it out on the public stage and being in control of what they sing and write. Or screw it all and just move this reality tv bullshit over and give the spotlight back to Australian music, I have been to about 4 of your shows in my time of listening to you guys and I have to say I have never been disappointed always a good show and you speak your mind so what if you gave Jackie O shit she needs some thicker skin if she wants to get up on stage and talk at a festival you guys are playing at cos I know it wasn’t you guys backing bardot or Shannon noll. Cos I know you aren’t going out like that.
Keep up the work and push the aussie music scene I know I always am and so are my mates, half of them spend most weekends battleing it out to get a gig over some cover band, and I know soon enough iwill be doing the same thing once we gety off the ground and put together a set. So all the luck to you guys you kick ass.

Keep it real keep the awesome tunes flowing.


Hi, Me again, Donelle (bitter and twisted fashion designer) I thought of a few more tees and the object is to make heaps of money out ofthis endeavour and continually thank kyle and jackie for the wonderfulmarketing opportunity that they opened for you guys. Klye Sanderlands Hardware stores.................... We carry a full and extensive range of shovels just for burying. We will even throw in the lime to dissolve the body. Hey we will even make it look like an accident. Ok i'm gonna stop now.Foonchy regardsDonelle
G'day boys, just thought I'd just let you know what I sent to Kyle. I'm stunned at his arrogance!

HOLY SHIT! I just listened to the Frenzal Rhomb interview. Mate, you need to have a good hard look at yourself. One, good on you for being a tough guy and promoting violence with your "yes I would" relating to punching on if you had have been there last weekend. That is mighty big of you to stick up for you beloved Jackie O, but is that a repsonsible image to promote. Also, pretty big of you to say it now, when the dust is settled. If you are so upset by them offending Jackie, why don't you challenge them to a Car Park stoush. Secondly, your "What a cock" was pretty big in circumstance... interview had finished, Jay is no longer on the line, and you decide to be the big man and judge his character, when they did nothing of the sort to you and Jackie. Wake up to yourself mate, I hope you feel almighty and powerful. You were clearly missing the entire point relating to why Frenzal had the shits and just started playing. Just out of interest, how do you think Jackie would have felt if Frenzal were running 8 hours late, and then decided they would still interupt what was already an extremely delayed appearance? Pretty pissed off I'd say. So you sit back there in your cushy job calling the shots, but be aware that you have come out of this looking worse than Jackie, Frenzal or anyone involved. Pull your head in, you don't need to impress all your teenage listeners by slagging off a good Australian band. Be that you don't like them, that's fine. But with the garbage that your stations spins (whatever station that is), you are clearly not a great judge of good music. Good luck in the lonely world of commercial radio... Keep on making a difference buddy. Ben
long time listener - first time caller

actually in the uk at the moment and a mate of mine sent me over a copy of jay's 'interview' with the twats at 2GayFM. The body of my mate's email were words to the effect of - kyle is a sad individual and he didn't expect to run into someone as level headed as jay.

this should go down as one of the greatest moments in australian radio history.

personal favourite

'so where are bardot at the moment'

thank you so much for flying the flag for australian music and basically all things that are australian. good to see that someone is finally able to be heard about the injustices that are occurring with regard to the american-isation/commercialisation of australian music.

think that you guys need not worry about the likes of krazy kyle and his wacky side kick - as you stated - you have been doing what you do best without the 'help' of the commercial radio stations.

advance australia fair


dear frenzal
thanks for kaneing jackie o's ass for me, i couldnt have done it better myself. i found is extreamly funny when they were lost for words and confused becaus you were SO right and they had no bloddy arguement.
Thank you i am eternally greatful and have sent them a good many emails telling them what i think...i mean what i KNOW.

This is not a question, I just want to tell Jay, I'm seriously proud to beaussie while Frenzal Rhomb are telling it like it is...Well, done in keeping your cool head and standing up for exactly what youbeleive in... Jackie - O Must have been bought up in cotten wool if she can't take alittleof the Franzal heckeling... And yes the question is when on earth did Austereo play Frenzal not in primetime... I say never!!!But what would I know I listen to Triple J where Australian talent gets ago. Keep it real boys! See you at the fresivals in Sydney I hope. Pete'
man fuck them, i was listening to that convorsation n i dont even listen to you music or anything but i was listenin to that convorsation n man they are fuckin wankers aye! they ring you askin for n apology n when you do apologize they turn you down those fucking loosers fuck jackie o, fuck her up her stupid arse rock on man
Just heard about you guys pissing Jackie O off. Excellent work. See celebrities think they're own shit doesn't stink, especially this O wench. I mean, really. Someone should tell her that she looks nothing like Jaqueline Onasiss Kennedy.
It's up to bands like yourselves to take these B grade losers down a peg or 24. Give em' a dose of Acca Dacca and tell em to shut the fuck up. I applaud shit like that and think there should be more of it. And I'm sure you guys are shitting yourselves about never being played on 2 Gay FM.
Oh the brouhaha!!!!!

Keep "stickin' it to the man"
PS Fuck Pancake Day are a good band

to frenzal. this is not really a question.. more of a email of support. while im actually not really a large fan of your music (sorry guys) i am however a strong believer in many of your points of view on a whole range of issues. this belief was strongly reinforced recently after hearing the MP3 of your interview on fox with jackie o and co. i just wanted to let you know that i agree with you entirely the australian music industry is slowly decaying from the onslaught of manufactured artists and bands and the blind greed that networks like Austereo inflict. the infrastructure these corporations represent are a clear and present danger to independent artists not only in Australia, but across the globe and increasingly are threatening the very viability of the independent music community. independent electronic labels, much like labels other genres operate usually so far under the radar of the likes of 2day and MMM, both because we dont actually want their support but also because we dont want to fit/conform to the "standard" which they wish to force upon us. traditionally this has meant we can happily coexist, but increasingly the ability for a band to gain recognition in a wider audience is being diminished due to the self serving nature of major labels and the radio stations that are slaves to them. it is also unfortunate that many of the people who heard that interview will not or will want to understand the severity of the situation that is actually happening and how these corporations are in effect, destroying the independent nature of art as a form of expression. Apathy is the tool of demons and in Australia as it is in America, apathy is a cancer on the soul of society. in this environment, community radio is the only true voice of the people, as it always has been. 2SER, FBI, 3RRR, 3PBS, 3CR, 4ZZZ and hundreds more serve the people in ways that commercial stations only wish they could. Community Radio is the REAL voice of Australia, not the fucking mindless whores like Jackie-o and anyone else who believes that commercial station is anything but a front for ugly music and even uglier people. if only triple j would get their shit together and actually fight them more, Australian music could actually thrive again like it once did. we live in hope i guess. much respect tom phillipson

hey cunts. i just listened to your interview with kyle and jackie-o and thought it was great. good to see jay stickin up for the good old aussie bands who are never given a fair go and never played on the air. i thought jay handled it in pure fuckin Frenzal Rhomb style... on ya Jay! Also just wanna say i caught u guys at the corner hotel with bouncing souls and it was so fuckin awesome! you guys are the bomb! and whenever someone says australian talent ill hear your name whispered into my ear! keep up the good job With love; Jono

Hey fellas,
Hows it going? My name is Kirstee and im from Adelaide. I would just like to say how awesome you guys are and how much fun it is to go to your gigs. Hope to see you guys soon. I read and heard the interview with Jay and jackie o and that other fat guy i cant remember the name of. Hilarious. I say 'good on you' for expressing what many people around Australia think about popstars and australian idol and also about the current issue of quality bands being shunned because of the crap talent from these tv shows. They could never "bury" your band, because your fans wouldnt let it happen. Cheers to you. Love Kirstee p.s my mum doesnt eat KFC now because of you guys. and because of me, she also loves you guys.

At the gym on Monday night and I heard the 'interview from hell' accidentally. Tuned in to what was happening when the language started to get a bit mucky. What complete dickheads on B105. So anyway, sorry that you were treated so poorly and I don't think them not playing your stuff will affect you at all. You were totally correct in what you were trying to say to them, they were just too ignorant to comprehend the facts. I did complain to the station as I felt they really didn't handle the situation well at all. I hope other people complain as well. They just don't get it do they? They don't have any real power or any grasp of reality. I am really glad you didn't become as reactive as the morons on the radio. Keep up the great tunes and ignore cretins who try and bring you down. If they lost their jobs tomorrow they would just be out of work cretins. In 20 years they will not have left any legacy unlike your great band.


Hello, I came to your site hoping to learn how to swear. I was most disappointed to find that your fans swear in their emails more than Lindsey does in his replies. All of that matters no longer, however, as I today heard Kyle and Jackie O swearing at Jason in an MP3 which is fast doing some rounds on the internet. Much love Fletch in Perth

Hey guys, all I have to say is good fucking on you guys for taking on SAFM. If what Jay said was true and you guys had to cut 8 songs from your set, I would want to shoot the organizers and the bimbo Jackie O.
Being a huge Australian music fan, everything Jay stood for in the interview is what radio stations should be taking into consideration. There are so many good Australian bands out there that are being dropped or can't get a label since the POP industry is taking over everything. The sad thing is that there isn't much light on any local acts and many of my favorite local Adelaide punk bands are dropping out of the scene since there isn't any radio stations that will play them (apart from local station 'get punked' []). So three big fucking cheers for being one of the best true AUSTRALIAN bands out there; FRENZAL RHOMB!
I write reviews and do interviews for Australian music site and would be honored if you guys would accept an invitation to do an interview with me for the site. Frenzal have a section in the band profiles so it would rock if we could add an interview from you guys.
Well with the interview shit its up to you guys, but good on you for supporting Aussie music and being yourselves.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Suzanne Elliott

well done to Jay for putting "Kyle and Jackie Hoe" in there fucken teeny bopping fucked up place last night on the radio. GET THOSE FUCKERS OFF THE RADIO!!! keep up the good work!
from Frezal/Mindsnare fanZ
p.s Your sound guy does wicked tatts!
Go Wardy!!

Not Really a question, But good on you for defending yourself against those arrogant B105 hosts Kyle and Jackie O. They don't even have the decency to know who you guys are before attacking you and threatening to "bury" your careers. They're just radio hosts, who are they to suggest that is within their capacity. Also, as if you have ever needed B105 or even Triple M. I hope Jackie Ho gets her ass kicked for saying fuck three times on air on a national commercial radio network at 7pm on a Monday night. She deserves it. All you did was injure her pride, she can fuck off and get over it. Simone K

Hey Frenzal,

I don't listen to your music a lot (Only when you were on John Saffran's Music Jamboree and on Channel V) and probably won't ever, at least not avidly. Just wrote to say that you, Jay, ripped Kyle on the radio well and truly, exposing him for the arrogant hypocrite that he is. No amount of false bravado will save him.

Given your apology, and from what I gather you were justified in doing what you did in the NT. And if not then, you were vindicated by what they did after; threatening to bury your band, physical violence etc.

Keep in mind Kyle will always be a prick because he secretly lusts (or not so secretly because his jest contains a lot of truth) for Jackie, who is too self obsessed to pay him any real attention. The fact that Jackie runs to him after being insulted probably sickens him because he can't ever have her.

Pity the loser. You don't need him, as you've demonstrated. I'll go out and buy all your records just so that if I ever meet him I can shove them up his arse.

Keep fighting the good fight and all that cliched BS.


More of a statement regarding the phone call to kyle and jackie o. I think you should take legal action against them for slander. They need to learn that they do not control australian radio. I don't know how they derive so much pleasure in knowing that their audience comprises of 14 and 15 year olds girls, and nothing much else.
Secondly, they don't play music anyway. Hip hop and rap are not music. Jay was right in saying that he didn't want to be played on that station.
So don't back down, stuff em.
Ben F.